Loyalty Rewards Programs

Attract New and Retain Old Customers

Basic and Advanced Loyalty Reward Schemes to fit any type of solution. Increase retention whilst attracting new customers all by responding to their needs.
Loyalty is a two way deal. People are loyal to organisations that know them, recognise their loyalty and respond to their needs. Loyalty programs retain customers and attract new ones.

WolfstrikePOS’ Technology Solutions are equipped to connect in real time to all popular Gaming reward systems and Club Rewards with tiered loyalty levels, variable points rates and variable discounts. Award points for purchases and attendance. Award Bonus points on the gaming floor at Bingo, Raffles, Door Prizes and at Sporting and Special Events with hand held POS.

WolfstrikePOS’ Loyalty Technology can provide valuable insights to what’s driving your business, so you can deliver the products and services your valuable customers appreciate.

Wolfstrike POS offers Loyalty Rewards Programs that can be integrated with their Point of Sale Systems


Increase Customer Loyalty

Our Reward Programs allow your customers to allocate and redeem electronic vouchers to you and your business partners. By being part of the Rewards Programs you will gain new customers whilst keeping the existing too!
Through the Club Rewards system, you will be able to track what your customers are interested in and what they are purchasing. This means you can better forecast your inventory whilst also delivering the products your consumers want!

Better Marketing & Advertising

By tracking behaviour and spending through club rewards you will be able to effectively advertise to your consumers. Armed with the knowledge of their preferred choices, you can market to keep the customers flowing through the door!

Keep it Automated

The Club Rewards scheme has the benefit of being entirely automated meaning no paper administration. What’s more, it also gives the members the ability to access their account information and manage their point’s accounts themselves!