Eftpos Terminals

Countertop, Mobile GPRS & WiFI Options
Wolfstrike POS offers the VX680 standalone Eftpos machine

Verifone Stand-Alone VX680

Mobile GPRS Version Available Today!
This Verifone Standalone is an all-in-one wireless handheld payment device that moves payments from countertops to the hands of consumers. It’s small, sleek and secure, but powerful thanks to its many options. The GPRS wireless technology is ideal for restaurants, bars, stadiums and delivery or transportation operations.

This Verifone offers a large user interface, white backlit display and large keys.  It’s also ruggedly designed to be drop and spill resistant and withstand demanding conditions.

The powerful chip processor completes transactions in seconds, making it highly valuable to waiting consumers. The Verifone Standalone comes with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery which can be quickly swapped with one hand and features a hidden integrated printer with a dual-tear bar that quickly produces receipts.

  • Fast processing speed
  • Long battery life
  • Full colour, backlit 128 x 64 display
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Small footprint
  • Large memory capacity
  • 32 bits high speed microprocessor
  • Open architecture Linux operating system
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Suitable for: Restaurants (Pay at table), Tradesmen, Market Stalls, Food Trucks
GeneratePOS offers the Verifone mobile VX820 eftpos machine that can be connected to point of sale systems

Verifone Integrated VX820

Integrate with your Point of Sale System Today!
The Verifone Integrated VX820 has a high resolution 3.5″ color touch screen and illuminated backlight keypad which ensures readability and usability in any environment. It enables you to deliver targeted promotional and brand messages, resulting in an enhanced customer loyalty experience, ultimately leading to greater revenue.

While consumers use the VX 820 to enter personal PINs for convenient and private payments, merchants can display their logos and other graphics to improve customer recognition and loyalty. The VX820 supports credit, debit and EMV transactions, and includes integrated NFC/contactless technology for alternative payments. The slim, stylish payment device is easy-to-use, and is backed by the secure VX Evolution platform.

  • Fast processing speed
  • 3.5 inch colour touch screen
  • Backlit 128 x 64 display
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Small footprint
  • Loyalty Scheme & Payment Acceptance
  • Large memory capacity
  • 32 bits high speed microprocessor
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Suitable for: Clubs, Retail, Bars, Fashion, Hospitality and Any Other Businesses Using Point of Sale Systems.

Add-on Features

On-terminal Tipping

Customers are prompted to leave a Tip before they can enter their PIN number, saving the merchant from asking and avoiding potentially embarrassing situations.

Split Payment

Allow customers to split their bill on the Eftpos terminal itself, without the need for a POS system. Divide the amount into several equal parts or have customers pay a specific dollar value.

Sales Analytics

A copy of all transactions is recorded on the terminal, enabling you to produce a custom shift report (between any date/ time). Ideal for merchants that are open past midnight.


A handy calculator interface build into the Eftpos. Allows you to add/subtract/multiply/divide up separate item prices while also assigning discounts or surcharges to transactions.