Food & Beverage Package

Wolfstrike POS Point of sale combo includes a point of sale system, a barcode scanner, a cash register, a cash drawer and a receipt printer

Powerful POS for your Restaurant, Café or Bar

Wolfstrike POS offers offers XCR Hospitality point of sale packages

Total Food & Beverage Point of Sale Solutions available from just $35 per week!

Keeping your diners happy is the first priority when managing your café or restaurant. Rather than focusing on operational headaches, XCR allows you to concentrate on minimising costs and maximising profit while delivering a great customer experience.

XCR Hospitality uses a simple interface to match the needs for a fast, intuitive system, with total flexibility for customisation. Track staff with swipe cards, login codes or wrist bands, keep tabs on inventory and customer accounts, and receive detailed analytics and shift reports.

Use the table mapping function to manage food or drink order status by table with full colour graphics. XCR also offers flexibility to manage larger establishments with multiple POS terminals, ensuring XCR is scalable to meeting your needs. What’s more, not only will it run on attractive touch screen POS PCs, but tablets can also be used to enable you to mobilise your wait staff.


Advanced Simplicity

Easy to use and setup, yet boasting hundreds of powerful features. Training staff and managers takes just minutes!


Seamlessly integrate your POS system with Eftpos, CCTV monitoring, a reservation system and much more!

Promotions & Offers

Limitless promotional configurations. Set combo deals, percentage discounts, 2 for 1 offers, X for Y offers etc.

Tablet Compatible

Take orders directly at the table and mobilise your floor staff, or free up counter space by opting for a total tablet solution.
Wolfstrike POS offers Point of sale systems, eftpos machines, CCTV, web design and alarm systems to Hospitality customers

For Bars, Clubs & Pubs

  • Track bar stock across multiple areas and locations
  • Full inventory management, comprehensive stock auditing and efficient stocktaking and stock adjustment
  • Staff logon with swipe cards, login codes or silicon based wrist bands. Time and Attendance stats let you know your labour costs at the end of each shift
Wolfstrike POS offers Point of sale systems, eftpos machines, CCTV, web design and alarm systems to Restaurant owners

For Restaurants

  • Flexible and highly functional table tracking
  • Staff can enter and change orders simply and accurately
  • Easily split or divide bills in a number of ways
  • Kitchen monitors for improving customer service and reducing errors in quick service environments. Display orders at the point of preparation allowing order prioritisation while limiting order mistakes
Wolfstrike POS offers Point of sale systems, eftpos machines, CCTV, web design and alarm systems to Hospitality customers

For Café‎s

  • Quick touch buttons and categories allow your staff to serve customers in the quickest and most efficient way
  • Eftpos Integration with the POS terminal ensures speed and accuracy at time of payment
  • Operate both pre-pay and post-pay environments
  • Keep track of inventory items
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Additional Products Available

The Verifone Portable Eftpos terminal or stand alone eftpos terminal is an Eftpos machine provided by GeneratePOS

Eftpos Terminals

With a large user interface and back-lit display, the Verifone Eftpos terminal is useful for busy Hospitality environments, speeding up the payment process and helping you serve customers quicker.

Wolfstrike POS offersTablet products to itnegrate with their point of sale products


State of the art facilities including the use of Tablets.  Quickly open and easily keep track of tabs, serve customers quicker whilst accurately recording all orders.

Wolfstrike POS offers Loyalty Reward schemes to go with their Point of Sale Systems

Loyalty Programs

Basic and Advanced Loyalty Reward Schemes to fit any type of solution. Increase retention whilst attracting new customers all by responding to their needs.

Wolfstrike POS offers Restaurant Pagers

Restaurant Pagers

Our Restaurant Pagers notify people when their meals are available and ready for collection. Small & discrete, our pagers will lower costs by eliminating the need for waiting staff.


Stock Keeping

  • 999 Departments
  • Item Groups – 50,000 x 10 levels
  • 5 Sell Levels per department

Staff & Management

  • Manual, RFID or Magnetic swipe card login
  •  Multilingual Identification
  •  5 Clerk Types
  •  Job Assignment
  •  Section Assignment
  • Cash Drawer Assign (Touch)
  •  Clerk Interrupt (Manual or RFID)


  • X for Y Price
  • X for Price of 1
  • Combo Deal
  • Sell Level Change
  • % Discounts
  • Pro Rata Discounting

Bar Tab

  • Manual ID or Magnetic Card
  • Credit Card Record
  • Transfer to Table Account

Table Accounts

  • Graphical and Manual Tables
  •  Hot Key – Recall Last Order on the Fly
  •  Table Transfer
  •  Forced Covers
  •  Poor Service Alert

Split Bills

  • Split by Amount (Account X)
  • Split Individual Items
  • Split by Seat Number
  • “Tag” Any Item for Split Account
  • Split and Transfer
Wolfstrike POS offers Hospitality Point of Sale System comes with a Customer Facing Advertising Screen so you can advertise your products whilst they pay or order

Customer Display

XCR’s Customer Display is useful for giving customers a view of the items entered into the sale. Keep them informed of the running total while displaying advertisements or promotional items.
Wolfstrike POS offers Hospitality Point of Sale System comes with Multi Language Point of Sale Software

Multi-Language Support

With 15 supported languages and more additions planned, XCR caters for multilingual customers. Especially popular with our Chinese and Korean speaking customers.
Wolfstrike POS offers Hospitality Point of Sale System comes with Table Seating software to help with placing customers

Table Map

A graphical user interface to view at a glance the status of all tables within your establishment. Check order status, create and edit order by table, and assign staff to tables/areas.
Wolfstrike POS offers Hospitality Point of Sale System comes with the software that allows you to configure your food orders, meanign customers can choose their toppings/what they want, and you can always deliver a clear order to the kitchen staff

Pizza Ordering

Design and order a pizza all on one screen. Combine specialty pizzas with customer-selected toppings, set or change the size of the pizza on the fly, control every ingredient and preparation detail, and much more. Ideal for in-store dining or delivery.
Wolfstrike POS offers Hospitality Point of Sale System comes with a Kitchen Monitor to track orders

Kitchen Display

The XCR Kitchen Monitor provides highly visible, real–time information to manage and control kitchen operations. A more efficient and coordinated ordering system than the conventional “Printer Order Docket” method.

Tablet Compatible

Improve the mobility of your ordering system by deploying XCR to a range of Windows-based tablet devices. Deploy tablets to floor staff to increase service coverage or run from a central location to free up counter space.

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